Vision Statement and Objectives

ERO Vision Statement

ERO is a Federation of Dental Organisations representing all European countries.

ERO Mission Statements

  • To promote the concept of Dentistry as an independent profession based on freedom in choice between patients and dentists,
  • To support the member organisations in providing the best possible oral and general health to the patients,
  • To promote and support European/national health policies on an ethical and professional basis,
  • To work under the visions and missions of FDI trying to influence the work of FDI.


  1. To develop policies, reports and resolutions for submission to the FDI.
  2. To co-operate with the various FDI agencies in Europe with regard to the promotion of ERO-objectives.
  3. To appoint amongst the members of the Board a regional candidate to the Council of the FDI.
  4. To communicate and co-operate with other dental organisations in Europe.
  5. To encourage cooperation amongst the national dental associations and national committees of the region in the fields of research, education, practice, and public health (both dental and general) for improving national policies relating to health issues.
  6. To represent and promote the interests of dentists in professional, political and health issues.
  7. To promote activities in member associations based on scientific advancements.
  8. To promote the concept of dentistry as an independent profession based on freedom of choice in the relationship between dentist and patient.
  9. To support and promote national health policies by formulating common principles and proposals to be adopted in each country.
  10. To exchange information on developments in the field of professional and health politics in the member countries.
  11. To underline in particular the concern of the profession about dental health, policy and professional issues in member countries.