Ninth Presidential Letter

12 December 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our latest Plenary Session, in Shenzen, was a real success, as Patrick Hescot presided instead of myself, with excellent results. My congratulations and thanks to him.

I also wish to thank all of you for your interest and good wishes for my recovery. So far my health has recovered excellently, as you will soon see for yourselves.

Since the summer I have attended National Congresses in Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine, in all cases with great pleasure because of the excellent results achieved. My congratulations to the respective organising committees, and thanks to all for the kindness shown to me and to ERO/FDI.

In addition, our Board met on December 1st, as usual at Ferney-Voltaire, setting up Task Forces for an immediate ERO/FDI Website, Risk Management and for the forthcoming Moscow Plenary, as announced in my latest letter, dated July 3rd. You will be receiving details of these items in the near future.

The website, which is to start in January, will be especially important for contacts with individual dentists, Scientific Societies, the Dental Industry and the C.E., as well as for congress dates and venues and so on.

I should like to wish all of you and the members of your Associations a very Merry Christmas and my best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2007.

God bless us all.

Yours sincerely,
José Font-Buxó
ERO/FDI President