News: 2007

  • ERO Newsletter No. 3

    1 December 2007

    Dear Colleagues, We held a highly fruitful meeting during the Plenary session in Dubai, where the different Working groups reported on the progress of their work.

  • ERO Newsletter No. 2

    1 September 2007

    Dear Colleagues, Since the first ERO Newsletter in July, we have had the satisfaction to see all the working groups make good progress. They have all found their tracks, are picking up momentum and are ready to take on board any of you who wishes to join them.

  • ERO Newsletter No. 1

    1 July 2007

    Dear Colleagues, You are reading the very first ERO Newsletter, which I hope will help you better understand the efforts each and everyone of us is making to be at your service.

  • Presidential Letter

    9 February 2007

    Presidential Letter from ERO/FDI to all European Dental Associations